The Emotion Code: Secrets on Releasing Trapped Emotions for Abundant Happiness and health

The Emotion Code: Secrets on Releasing Trapped Emotions forAbundant Health and Happiness

The Emotion Code is a straightforward yet powerful healing methoddevised to assist you locate emotional baggage and release it. This holistic healingmethod put together by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is built to present you with comprehension ofhow trapped emotions can result in several health problems, then demonstrate howto be free from them. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the basic aspectson this healing method and the best way to to utilize it.

What is a Trapped Emotion?

During our everyday life, we experience various kindsof emotions. As a result of certain unpleasant events or challenges, we may experience extremenegative emotions. As well as if we make an effort to forget these events, their influencemay linger available as trapped emotions.

Therefore, a trapped emotion might be understood to be a strongnegative emotion that’s not fully processed. Instead, it became trappedwithin the skin. As an illustration, as opposed to overcoming the grief ordepression through the sudden death of someone you care about, the negative emotional energymay stay in the human body and bring about a significant amount of emotional andphysical stress.

Trapped emotions may not be visible, but they contain well-definedvarieties of energy. This is why often we feel like we have been strugglingbeneath the weight of something because of a previous negative occurrence.For example, whenever a woman arrives of an turbulent relationship, she mayfind that she finds it tough start another one. This can be as a result oftrapped emotions that they hasn’t yet released. But eliminating her trappedemotions might help her to beat every one of the obstacles of her past. Then she’s going toexperience new life in their own marriage as well as other relationships.

Since trapped emotions stay in our systems healthy negativeenergy, they are able to cause a lot of injury to your body organs and tissues.According to Dr. Nelson, they are able to distort the traditional energy field within our bodiesand make pain, malfunctioning organs, and several diseases. These negativeenergies are the reason behind several mental illnesses including phobias,depression and anxiety.

A Persons Energy Field

Recent advances in technology have provided devices that willbe familiar with prove and look at the existence a persons energy field. The truth is, adevice referred to as SQUID magnetometer can be used to detect the presence of verysmall magnetic fields produced by the physiological and biochemical activitiesof the skin. With this particular device, scientists have realized that every theorgans and tissues in the body create specific magnetic vibrations known asbiomagnetic fields.

Despite the fact that not every physicians are still alert to this,studies show that biomagnetic fields around the skin supply a moreaccurate description of an patients health than conventional electricalmeasurements like EKGs and EEGs.

The volume of knowledge in alternative andholistic medicine today can be a tremendous blessing to humanity. Now we are able to learnthe way to connect to the energy of our own bodies, discover the presence of negativeenergy, then release it.

Energy Healing With Magnets

Dr. Nelson tells us how the most powerful healing tool (forreleasing trapped emotions) in your home is not your vitamins, supplements, or herbaltea, oahu is the magnet in your refrigerator. The magnet is the cheapest and a lotcommon energy tool will fix energy imbalances which aren’t visible toa persons eye. The magnet can be used to alter your bodys biomagnetic fieldand release the negative energy stored by trapped emotions. Energy healingrestores and maintains harmony with your bodys energy field and keeps youhealthy.

Where To Find Trapped Emotions

Simply uses release trapped emotions, you should be ableto get them. Dr. Nelson recommends using muscle testing to take advantage of thesubconscious mind and draw out any trapped emotions. Muscle testing may be usedto evaluate and treat others or as being a self-test.

Using the Emotion Code to Eliminate Trapped Emotions

Six simple measures are widely-used to locate and release trappedemotions using the emotion code:

1. 1. ObtainPermission to check Your Subject

2. 2. Set theBaseline for Testing

3. 3. DiscoverWhether Trapped Emotion(s) Exist

4. 4. Determinethe kind of Emotion

5. 5. ReleaseTrapped Emotions

6. 6. Confirmhow the Trapped Emotions Were Released


When you have used the emotion code to release trappedemotions from your body, you’ll want to develop new positive mental habits. Dontwaste your emotional energy emphasizing days gone by. Days gone by cant be changed. Ifyou keep emphasizing days gone by you may re-experience the negative emotions andre-create trapped emotions inside you.


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